6-Apr-20 Transnational Crimes

Transnational crimes are different from international crimes.  The ‘trans’ prefix (from the Latin meaning ‘across’ or ‘through’) shows us that this refers to crime which is planned, executed or has an impact in more than one country.  ‘International crime’ refers generally to crimes against humanity which may involve two or more countries.  Albanese (2017) identifiesContinue reading “6-Apr-20 Transnational Crimes”

3-Apr-20 How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Friday evening I watched the Netflix documentary ‘How to Fix a Drug Scandal’ – a very interesting example of organisational crime and harm.  The four-part series tells the story of two (unconnected) lab chemists, one in Amherst, West Massachusetts and one in Boston, East Massachusetts.  Each were from stable homes, were academically successful and tookContinue reading “3-Apr-20 How to Fix a Drug Scandal”

1-Apr-20 Incapacitation

Incapacitation is a method of removing or limiting someone’s freedom such that they cannot commit further crime.  It can be seen also to protect society.  Examples include prison, electronic tagging, restraining orders or the stocks.  For white collar crimes, there is removal of license to practice or a restraint of trade order, for example. Indeed, weContinue reading “1-Apr-20 Incapacitation”

26-Mar-20 Indigenous Criminology

What would I read in Criminology, if I had the luxury of more time?  One area is ‘Indigenous Criminology’ and particularly the work of academic Dr Juan Tauri at the University of Wollongong in Australia. His article, The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House: An Indigenous Critique of Criminology, published in 2018 isContinue reading “26-Mar-20 Indigenous Criminology”

24-Mar-20 Domestic Abuse

I mentioned in our last lecture that the current situation of containing people at home would have particular implications for victims of domestic abuse.  See, for example. While many associate domestic abuse with physical abuse (which can certainly feature) and perhaps sexual abuse (less often talked about), abuse is always defined by control, known asContinue reading “24-Mar-20 Domestic Abuse”

23-Mar-20 Corona Profiteers

Today, I thought it would be interesting to think about behaviour in the current context.  The papers have been full of stories of people profiteering from COVID-19.  See for example here and here. Authorities are looking at enforcing regulation, including competition rules. But it’s not just smaller actors seeking to flog handwash or toilet rollsContinue reading “23-Mar-20 Corona Profiteers”